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How Facility Managers Can Demonstrate Value While Creating a More Efficient Property

A new year often leads people to strive for improvement. In the commercial sector, this is true of facility managers (FM) department who are looking for new and innovative ways to contribute to their company’s bottoms line, not just as a source of using resources. As such, it is important for those FMs to demonstrate how properly managed properties add to an organization’s success and profitability.

In a recent article, “Cost Center to Profit Center,” author Janelle Penny looks at three strategies for FMs to demonstrate their value-add to their organization while also creating a more efficient system and property:

  1. Start Smart at Square One: Many times, FMs get caught up in the notion that they are simply draining organizational resources, essentially functioning as a cost center. This forces the department to stretch every dollar to make more happen with limited funds. One way FMs can counteract this is by proposing investments in innovative ideas with the goal of increasing value from unlimited resources. FMs must focus on creating value the same way that independent organizations and nonprofits do. While cost reduction is still important, there is a need to invest in innovative approaches that could have long-term payoffs.
  2. Lay the Groundwork for Collaboration: It is important to get the FM’s goals in line with the business’s overall mission. Doing so ensures that FMs understand how the building and other aspects of it are designed to serve the greater good. It also increases awareness of customer needs, which allows the building owner and FM the ability to provide higher levels of customer service and satisfaction.
  3. Build Buy-In: Once there has been a change in how facilities management is conducting business, it is important to get the organization’s key decision-makers to review the current state of affairs for the facility and to consider necessary updates. It requires looking at technical data and how that impact financial data. Using that data, then adjustments can be made to best serve clients and to assist FMs as they strive to create more efficient solutions.
  4. Take a Seat at the Table: In order to help key executives understand why renovation and certain initiatives are important, FMs should put together a comprehensive picture of how the physical state of the building along with the various elements contribute to its overall condition. There is a great deal of value is showing how each facility supports the company’s mission and how the cost initiatives are necessary to reach those organizational goals.
  5. Plan for the Next Five Years: FMs must constantly be thinking forward. Maintaining important connections to stakeholders and management can be crucial in the future. In addition, it helps keep FMs on top of the relevancy to the organization’s mission. Benchmarking is a useful tool in showing the improvements and, in turn, demonstrating those to key stakeholders.

It is important for FMs in the commercial sector to demonstrate their value, but to also show that they are looking out for the best interest of the property. To learn more about how to increase profit, visit

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