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Storm Damage: Getting Back to Normal

Whether your commercial property was struck by a fire, flood, of even a fallen tree branch, storm damage to your property is always devastating in the Rochester area. Your home or commercial building is more than just a place with roof and walls. It’s a place where you make a living and have invested a lot of time in. It is always hard to see damage where your most precious memories are. The other issue with having damage to your home or commercial property is that everything seems so unknown. How much damage was done? How will you be able to get your life back to normal? Many of these questions can be scary and leave you wondering about the security of your future.

Storms Can Be Unpredictable

You will never know when a disaster like this will strike, but we can help you prepare to know what to do when a storm does happen and hits your property. If you have a plan to know what to do when a disaster strikes, you will then not have to worry about those big questions that leave you wondering what will happen. Knowing who can help you with your home or business storm damage ahead of time can definitely make you calmer, and get your property back to normal as soon as possible.

Quick Response

With most storm disasters, the faster you can start getting cleaning things up and get started on the reconstruction, the more you can salvage and save. The faster you can get the water cleaned up, the less of a chance mold and mildew will build up in your home or business. Therefore, meaning less money out of your pocket for the restoration process. Many fires can leave chemicals behind that if left too long lingering, can destroy many of your belongings. The sooner you get started on the cleaning process, the faster you can get your property back to the way it was before the damage.

Choose the Right Company

How do you know you are choosing the right storm damage reconstruction company in the Rochester area? You should always make sure and see that they have the capability of taking you through the whole restoration process. It’s always a hassle when you have to juggle between five different companies to get the task done when it should have just taken one. The reconstruction process starts by having a thorough evaluation of the damage and then followed by a plan. Make sure to find a company who can offer a quick and accurate estimate so you can get the project covered by your insurance company and get started right away.

Be Consistent

Make sure you stick with the same company all the way through. This will help make sure that your project will stay on budget as well as stay on schedule. The storm damage restoration project will include demolition, building stabilization, and remodeling while making sure they stay within code to avoid further damages to your home or business

In the Rochester area, ICC Restoration & Cleaning is your number one source for home or building storm damage restoration. Their experienced team can help you clean up after your disaster and help finish by offering the reconstruction services needed to help get you back on your feet. The professionals at ICC Restoration & Cleaning will make sure to get your property back to the way it was before the disaster quickly and most effectively as possible.


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