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What Not to Do in Case of Commercial Water Damage and Flooding

If you experience flooding on your commercial property, it may be overwhelming to know what to do to first. From needing to get the water removed, surfaces cleaned and the property restored, the disaster can make it seem as if everything is lost. Try not to stress. While there may be a lot that needs to be done, we’ve compiled the top 4 things that you should never do if you experience flooding and water damage on your commercial property to help you manage your way through the mess.

Never Enter a Room with Standing Water

While you may want to find the source of the leak, you first want to make sure the power has been shut off to prevent electrocution. Hanging wires or sockets can send an electric current through the water and cause severe injury to anyone in the water. If you experience flooding from a backed-up sewage line, it’s important not to go into the water. Animal feces, parasites and hundreds of bacteria and fungi can grow and thrive in contaminated waters. Serious diseases such as hepatitis and salmonella are also major health concerns.

Never use a Household Vacuum Cleaner to Extract Standing Water

A household vacuum cleaner is not made to suck up and handle standing water. Submerging a vacuum into standing water may not only destroy your machine, but could cause the machine to short circuit, start a fire or send an electrical shock through the water.

Never Touch Visible Mold

Porous surfaces that have been saturated from water damage are breeding grounds for mold growth. If moisture is present, mold can grow on any surface. Within 48 hours, mold can spread and release spores causing additional growth, especially on porous surfaces such as drywall, carpet and wood. It’s important to catch water damage as quickly as possible. If caught before visible mold is present, using a bleach cleaner to clean the surface and allowing the surface to completely dry should be sufficient. If the surface material is porous and you can’t get the material completely cleaned and dry, it should be replaced. Mold can present itself by a distinct musty, earthy foul odor and cause discoloration of surfaces. Mold can also negatively impact the air quality of the property, and can cause respiratory and allergy problems.

Do Not Remove Tacked Down Carpet

Trying to remove saturated, tacked-down carpet by yourself can be very dangerous. Wet carpet is very heavy and if you’re not trained to remove carpet tacks, you could injure yourself in the process.

Things To Look For In Commercial Water Damage Companies

Like ICC, water damage and restoration companies understand that water damage and flooding happens when least expected. If you are seeking a commercial water damage company, look for ones that offer 24/7 emergency services with technicians that are certified to implement safe extraction and remediation protocols to remove standing water, remediate mold and restore damaged property. With access to the best tools and cleaning systems, experts can respond to commercial and industrial properties regardless of the type and size of the affected building. Read testimonials and online reviews to get a good idea of each company’s reputation. This will help you find the best commercial water damage company to best fit your needs.