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What All goes into Contents Cleaning and Restoration?

When most people think of cleaning and restoration services they think of the big picture actions that go into it. For example, removing the excess water from a flood or restoring the structural damage caused by a fire. However, the most devastating consequences of a home disaster are oftentimes the destruction to personal possessions of sentimental value. Fortunately, these possessions can be repaired in many cases if you hire the right professionals. ICC Restoration and Cleaning Services in St. Paul, Minnesota is one such company with the expertise and resources to restore your most prized possessions if they are damaged in a disaster. The following points detail a few of the steps that go into contents restoration.

Clear communication-

At the beginning of the process, it is important to take to sit down and ensure both parties understand what is expected and what services are offered. Doing this right off the bat is very important because it will clear up any misunderstandings and set clear expectations for what will come of the contents restoration.

Documentation- This fits closely in with the first step and is also in the planning stages. Each and every item in your home should be documented and identified as undamaged, repairable, or irreparable. Not only will this make things a lot more manageable throughout the process and help you keep a clear head about the status of all your possessions but it will also save you a great deal of trouble in dealing with your insurance company.

Pack out and transport-

Once everything has been inventoried and plans have been discussed then it is time for everything to be packaged, secured, and ready for transport. Understandably, this is a very stressful time for homeowners to see their most prized possessions taken away for a time. Potentially, this part of the process can be even more stressful than the disaster itself for some homeowners. Fortunately, you can trust the team we have at ICC Restoration and Cleaning Services to not just take good care of, but restore your possessions back to their original state. With years of experience and plenty of qualified professionals, you can trust ICC Restoration and Cleaning Services to get the job done for you.


Once all your damaged possessions are taken back to our offices, we will work diligently to restore them back to normal. Depending on the items that were affected and how badly they were damaged, the time to restore everything will vary. In some instances, some items may turn out to be irreplaceable. In these cases, you will be notified of their state and have the choice to have it returned in its damaged condition of just disposed of. However, once everything is completed it will be shipped back to you and moved back into your home. Inventory will be taken one final time to make sure all of your possessions have been returned. Finally, you should everything you own back to as normal as possible.