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The Aftermath Of A Fire

If you need fire damage repair, don’t ever hesitate to call your certified and trained professionals at ICC Restoration in Woodbury to help get everything under control.

Yes, the flames can cause a great amount of damage done to your home, but keep in mind that ash, soot, and smoke residue will make the home noxious to live in. Getting rid of those things should be done quickly because ash is acidic and materials will begin to deteriorate if not cleaned-up fast enough. Certified experts will take time to do a very thorough, deep cleaning in your home. The treatment will include cleaning the walls, ceilings, furniture, and countertops. Ash and smoke will almost always end up in the vents and ducts as well, so those will be cleaned out too, preventing either to enter the home again.

What Fire Damage Will Do During Time

  • Acid residues will cause materials like plastic, small appliances, and highly porous materials (including marble and alabaster) to discolor within minutes. The discoloration could be temporary or permanent.
  • The grout in bathrooms will start to change color or stain from acid residues. The fiberglass bath fixtures can also turn a yellow color, along with the finish on appliances, refrigerators, and the finish on furniture. All of this happens within hours of the acid residue sitting.
  • If your painted walls weren’t yellow within hours of the acid residue sitting on it, it can still turn yellow within days and if your walls turn yellow, this is permanent. Any metal will corrode, wood furniture will absolutely need to be refinished, and if your flooring is vinyl, it will need either need to be refinished or it will need to be replaced. Clothing becomes stained from the soot and upholstery will stain permanently.
  • If you wait weeks to call a professional restoration service, the cost of restoration will increase enormously and cause even more damage. The longer acid soot residues sit and are not cleaned up professionally, it will cause synthetic carpet fibers to discolor permanently, silver plates will be corroded permanently, glass, crystal, or china will most likely need to be replaced.

Homeowners don’t realize that they can cause more damage by trying to clean up the disaster from the fire. They can make the damage worse by using conventional cleaning methods like a steam cleaner or cleaning agents that you can purchase from the store. These things will cause an even bigger issue because the chemicals can react with the residue from the fire and cause permanent damage. Not only that, there could be toxic fumes in the air. Don’t ever try to clean up a fire disaster by yourself. Always rely on trusted professionals that are certified and trained to ensure the safety of the people who enter your home. These individuals are trained to use the appropriate equipment and to know how to effectively treat your situation. The restoration professionals will ensure that you are happy and satisfied with the task they have been given.

Fire damage can destroy a lot of items, but if immediate action is taken, a professional crew will be able to sift through what is salvageable and what isn’t. If you are in the Woodbury area, the professionals at ICC Restoration have the experience and training you want to restore your home to pre-loss condition.