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Five Steps For Preventing Water Damage In A Commercial Building

Having water damage in your home is bad enough, however, water damage in your commercial building can be even worse in some cases. There are several reasons why commercial water damage can be more of a nightmare than residential water damage. For one, serious water damage can keep employees out of your office or important business from getting done. Also, mold damage accumulating in your building can put your employees and clients at risk of developing health problems. We at ICC in the Rochester area recommend you do the following things to prevent ever having water damage in your commercial building.

Maintain The Grounds Around Your Building-
If you don’t pay close attention, roots from trees in your yard an grow towards your pipes and cause them to break in some cases. The best way to prevent this is to not plant any trees close to any pipes going through your yard, but if you haven’t done that you should pay close attention to make sure you don’t have any roots threatening your pipes.

Look Out For Restroom Over-Usage-
All-too-often bathrooms, especially toilets and urinals, can be very prone to flooding. Obviously, this is most common when the bathrooms are frequently used. If you have bathrooms that receive a significant amount of use, you should make sure it receives maintenance checks regularly to catch any problems before they cause you a serious issue.

Install A Water Detection System-
A water detection system will monitor the moisture level in the room it is placed in. If the moisture level rises to a certain point it will notify so you can catch water damage early before it becomes too serious. The initial cost of installing may make you hesitate, but the investment will be well worth it if it is able to catch a flood early so you can stop it in its tracks.

Have Your Building Inspected By A Professional-
It never hurts to call in a professional to inspect your building for any potential water damage risks you may have. A large amount of water damage issues are caused by a small problem becoming more serious and eventually causing a flood. A professional inspection will be able to catch these problems before they lead to any serious problems.

Educate Your Employees-
With so many different people in and out of your building every day, there is greater potential for flooding as a result of human error. To help mitigate this possibility, you should educate your employees about what they should and shouldn’t do to prevent flooding and water damage from happening. Many of this will be common sense things to do, but making a point of it can help
prevent foolish mistakes.

Sadly, no one is ever completely safe from having their home or commercial property damaged by flooding. Even following all the steps above there is still the potential that it happens to you. If it ever does, our team at ICC in the Rochester area is here to help!


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