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Stay Safe After Sewage Damage

Quick response time and a high level of expertise are required to fully remediate sewage damage because of the high toxicity levels associated with sewage problems. There are a lot of serious health risks and issues that come from sewage damage, along with damage to your home. It is important to know the risks associated with sewer water so that you can be sure to keep you and your family safe if your home suffers from sewage damage. 

According to the National Resources Defense Council, there are more than two million reports of illnesses every year caused by sewage contamination. Sewer water is full of toxic substances like fungi, protozoan, pesticides, and residuals from harmful contaminants. Some of the most common bacteria and health risks are:

  • Salmonella: causes stomach cramping and diarrhea
  • Various Coli: causes abdominal pain and cramping, diarrhea, and in serious cases even death
  • Heliobacter Pylori: causes increased risk of developing ulcers
  • Acanthamoeba: causes irritation to eyes, nose, and throat, and often leads to infections
  • Leptospirosis: causes muscle aches, pains, and soreness, along with vomiting and nausea

If you come into contact with any of these, or any other contaminants, you need to seek medical attention immediately. If there is a sewage backup in your home, call a licensed remediation specialist that can make sure the sewage is completely removed and thoroughly cleaned of all toxic materials.

If the health risks are not enough to prove the seriousness of sewage damage, the damages to your property are just as bad. First, whatever caused the sewage damage, whether from a clogged toilet, malfunctioning septic tank, or broken sewer line, will need to be repaired or replaced. Once the source is discovered, stopped, and corrected, then the rest of the property can be evaluated. Any time water damage occurs, materials in your home are exposed to structural damage. The longer water is present, the more severe the damage will be. 

Water exposure causes the materials that makeup floors and walls to absorb water, swell, and then warp. As these porous materials soak up the moisture from the water, they will begin to support the growth of mold. As if the toxins in sewer water are not harmful enough, the toxins from mold are also bad for your health. Mold growth and bacteria spread happen very quickly following water damage, and left untreated or not properly dried up, this mold growth can spread throughout your entire home. Any other possessions, such as furniture and carpet will have to be extensively cleaned to be sure that all harmful toxic contaminants in the sewer water are adequately removed, and if that cannot be achieved then those items will have to be discarded. 

Because of the seriousness of the effects of sewage damage, the very first thing you should do when you notice sewage in your home is call in the professionals. ICC Restoration & Cleaning Services has the certifications, training, and experience to handle black water and sewage damage to properly remove, clean, and restore your home and property to ensure that you and your family are safe. Serving St. Paul and surrounding areas, ICC will make sure all your sewage damage cleanup needs are handled with the proper standard of care. 


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