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Going With The “Flow”- How To Handle Sewer Damage 

Let’s be honest – there aren’t very many ways to talk about toilets and bathrooms without turning up your nose. It is even less fun when talk of these things gets even worse with a sewage backup. The problem is – not only is sewer and black water unpleasant, it is also the most serious type of water damage. How does one solve this problem quickly without causing a scene or getting sick themselves? It is important to call professional help as soon as you can. Luckily, the professionals at ICC Restoration and Cleaning, residing in St. Paul, know how to act quickly to solve the problem and restore order and “freshness” back to one’s home.  

In order to handle the sewer damage, it is important to know a few things about what it is and what it does to your home. Sewage and black water damages usually come from backups in toilets and septic systems. They can even come from river overflows and lake floods. Black water, when paired with thousands of different bacteria, viruses, and protozoa, can lead to extreme illness if not treated properly and immediately. There is also high toxicity levels associated with sewage water and so a quick response is extremely smart in order to alleviate the damage as quickly as possible. 

It is also important to know what professionals like ICC do to help cleanup and restore homes and other buildings. Of course you would want to make sure that they are certified in what they do. As they prepare to treat the sewer damage, understanding the tools and techniques of these professionals will help put one at ease in a time of crisis. Here are just a few steps that these professionals perform in order to get your property/home up and running. 

  1. Use of the latest high tech tools to investigate the damage and survey the property to see how extreme the damage truly is. 
  2. The removal of contents inside the home in order to ensure the highest percentage of restoration. They also take particular attention to paper items and other things that may have been saturated with the water that has been contaminated.
  3. Sewer water extracted as quickly and efficiently as possible. They also would take care of the sewage and other waste products and dispose of them in the proper way. 
  4. Use of state-of-the-art drying procedures, and then testing to ensure that the drying has been completed and that the removal of toxins and other waste products have been properly taken care of. 

As stated before, talking about one’s sewer problems isn’t the greatest topic of conversation. Thankfully, understanding about your sewer issues and who to contact helps alleviate those awkward conversations. No more worrying about the uncomfortable “waste” talk. The professionals at ICC Cleaning And Restoration can take care of the problem effectively and efficiently. Individuals can rest easy knowing that there are many solutions and experts who understand the harm that these damages can insure and the best way to solve them.