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Sump Pump – Another Layer Of Protection

A mop and bucket are of limited help when you’re looking at flooding or other serious water damage. When you have a high risk of water damage in St. Paul, we at ICC want you to know the options.  A properly installed sump pump can do in a matter of minutes what it might take you all day to accomplish. 

How Does It Work?

A sump pump is a pump that is used to remove water that has gathered into a “sump basin”, usually found in the basement of a home. There are a few ways the water may enter the sump pump: it enters by funneling into the pump through the designated perimeter drains in a basement’s system of waterproofing, or by gravity because of ground water or rainfall.

Sump pumps are most commonly used when basements regularly flood, and also to solve issues associated with dampness,  if the basement is located below the water table level. The main purpose is to pump and send water away from the house, to a place where it can cause less problems — usually a city storm drain or a dry well. 

Will A Sump Pump Help?

Yes, BUT only if it is properly maintained. Sump pumps are easy to forget over the years and should be cleaned annually. You must keep debris out to the system. Make sure that your sump pump does not sit on any loose silt, small sized gravel, or any other type of debris that could easily be sucked up into the pump — because it will cause a problem. Instead, use large rocks or gravel at least the size of a dime so that your lines will not get clogged, which can ruin the motor in your pump.

Sump pumps are usually hard wired directly into the electrical system of a home; however, some sump pumps may have an additional battery backup system. Unfortunately, more times than you think, someone literally unplugs the pump and forgets to plug it back in. 

Water Damage Experts In St. Paul 

Whenever your home suffers from flooding or water damage, call ICC Restoration for advice and assistance. Our experts have the certifications, training and experience to properly restore both your structures and their contents while protecting the health of those who live or work there. We will quickly identify the source of water and use all the appropriate safety processes to mitigate additional damage. Every effort will be made to save your valuables.

With us, you are assured of the latest in high tech inspection tools to determine the extent of damage and to minimize potential health hazards. High efficiency blowers and industrial fans dry the area much more quickly than the simple box fan you own. Few homeowners have access to portable air scrubbers to control mold.  Using specialized equipment such as negative air machines and portable heaters will help you lessen damage and get you back to your space quickly. We have the equipment needed to resolve the problem quickly and thoroughly. 


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