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Why Pipes Burst And How They Contribute To Water Damage Restoration?

Water damage is a disaster for any family and home. Whether big or small, it causes worries that nobody ever wants to have. Questions start flooding your own mind like, “can my home be restored to normal?”, “how much is this going to cost?”, “who can I call to help?”, and the list goes on. I think it is safe to say that nobody ever wants to be in this predicament. While there is no way to guarantee this from not happening, we can focus on what we can do to prevent water damage in your home. A major contributor to water damage are your very own pipes. They often crack or burst leading to the water damage. 

Water Damage Restoration In Minneapolis

Why Do Pipes Burst?

There are a variety of reasons why your pipes might burst. Simply put, anything that puts additional pressure on your pipes may cause them to burst. This could be from a clogged pipe or from something external pressing up against your pipe such as a tree’s roots growing into it. A very common example is frozen pipes, especially with the cold in Minneapolis, frozen pipes are something to be aware of. When it gets cold (below freezing) the water in your pipes is subject to freeze. When this happens, it puts a block in your pipes so when you do go to turn on your water, there is exceedingly great pressure which can cause them to burst. Whenever your pipes leak or burst, water will go where it is not wanted causing damage to anything in its path. 


In order to prevent your pipes from cracking or bursting, it is important to do routine checks. Be aware of how old your pipes are. The older they are, the more likely something is going to happen. If you know something fell down the drain that shouldn’t have, do what you must to get it out. When it comes to frozen pipes, there are things you can do to prevent them from freezing. You can leave a drain dripping water so that water is circulating through the pipes. As well, make sure your home stays at a fairly decent temperature. This is particularly important if you are leaving for the weekend. To take additional precautions, open up cupboards that contain your pipes such as under the bathroom or kitchen sinks so that warm air is able to get to the pipes. 

Steps To Take If Your Pipes Do Burst

As said before, all the prevention you do, greatly decreases the chance of your pipes bursting but it doesn’t eliminate the possibility. If your pipes do burst, act fast. Time is of the essence. The longer you wait, the more damage there will be in your home. Call a water damage restoration team. They know what to do to get your home back to the way it was and most professionals, such as ICC Water Restoration and Cleaning Services, has 24/7 on call services so you can call right when you notice something is wrong. While waiting for the professional services to get there (it won’t take long), don’t run your water. Most importantly, don’t stress. Water damage restoration sounds like a daunting task but when done the right way by the right people, it can be done fast and your home will be back to its original status in no time.


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