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Major Factors Of Water Damage Cleanup In St Paul 

Water damage results in thousands of dollars in insurance claims every year in the United States, and, according to the Insurance Information Institute, 1 in 50 homes files a water damage claim each year. So, how do you prepare to cover water damage cleanup if it affects your home in St Paul? How much will it cost? There are several factors that need to be taken into account when determining water damage cleanup costs.  Some common factors are location, size of the affected area, category of water damage, how long damage has been present, extent of the damage, cost of labor, and cost of materials. All of these factors will fall into one of three categories of expenses following water damage:

  1. The cost of water removal and drying
  2. The cost of structural repairs
  3. The cost of replacement of property

Water Damage Cleanup In St Paul

Let’s break down these different factors, and explain how they can cause prices to vary – starting with the size of the affected area. This is pretty self-explanatory; the more square footage that has sustained damage, the more costly removal and repairs will be. Depending on the type of water that has damaged the area, cost will be less or more expensive. Damage from category 1, or clean water damage is the easiest and least expensive to cleanup, estimating around $3.75 per square foot. Gray Water, or Category 2 Water, may have chemical contaminants that makes cleanup more expensive. Damage sustained from gray water estimates around $4.50 per square foot for cleanup. The third category of water, Black Water, is grossly contaminated water and is deemed hazardous to health. Cleanup from this type of water estimates $7.00 per square foot. 

The amount of time water is allowed to sit will also affect repair costs, because the longer water damage is present, the more extensive the damage will be. Delaying drying and repairs after water damage could end up costing thousands of dollars more because water damage escalates very quickly. FIXR Cost Guides estimates that repair costs can increase by $10,000 when 1 inch deep or more of water is not dried out or cleaned up in a timely manner. The extent of the damage will only increase the longer water is left to penetrate and seep into materials in the home. Repair costs will also vary depending on your location, but there are some general ballpark prices for basic home repairs that we can use to help calculate water damage repair costs. 

  • Replacing carpet: $4.00 – $5.00 per square foot
  • Replacing drywall: $1.40 per square foot
  • Repairing plaster walls: $6.00 – $18.75 per square foot
  • Refinishing hardwood flooring: $10.45 per square foot
  • Remediation of mold: $5.00 per square foot

All of these costs add up, meaning water damage cleanup can become a pricey affair. Because your home and possessions are worth more than just monetary value, you want to be sure you are getting the best cleanup service available for your money. This is where ICC comes in. We are ready to respond 24/7 to help mitigate any further damage and get your home on track to be restored as quickly as possible. We will work with your insurance company to be sure that claims are filed correctly and that you are taken care of. We use the latest in high tech equipment and procedures to ensure your home is thoroughly dried, and minimize any potential threats of future or further damage. We offer turn-key services and will completely restore your property from start to finish. We know how expensive water damage cleanup can be, and that is why you should trust your home and your finances with ICC so you know you are getting the best service at the best price. 


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