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Water Damage Restoration: Speed is Key

Usain Bolt. SSC Tuatara. Michael Phelps. Some people perhaps, read those first three names with some recognition and maybe some confusion. Those three names all have something in common. Take a guess at what it is.

They’re fast. Up there with the fastest (or they are the fastest) in their category of expertise actually. Usain Bolt holds world records in the 100 meter sprint, the SSC Tuatara is the world’s fastest car, and Michael Phelps is a champion swimmer. Pretty incredible when you look at each one of them. Honestly, speed is a wanted quality. Everyone wants to be just a bit faster. They want the drive thru at a fast food restaurant to go faster, they want to finish schooling faster, they want to grow up faster. There’s a lot of things that people want to speed up and even though speeding things up isn’t always the right answer, speed is the answer to one thing in particular. Water damage restoration.

Water Damage Restoration In Minneapolis

Why is speed so important?

When it comes to water damage, the faster you get it taken care of the better. The longer water damage is left sitting without attention, the more damage there is likely to be. No matter the type of water damage, whether a small pipe leak or a flooded basement, water damage can cause serious troubles for you in the long run if not taken care of quickly and properly.

For one, the longer water sits the more time it has to weaken structures. This could prove to be unsafe for you and your family. As well, overtime water or moist areas provide the perfect space for mold growth. Mold can be very harmful to your respiratory tract especially if you have underlying conditions such as asthma. 

There are different degrees of severity of water damage. There is clean water, which is like water from your pipes. It is clean water. Then there is grey water which consists of water that has contaminants in it such as laundry detergent or soaps. Then there is black water. Black water is definitely the most dangerous because it comes from toilet overflows or sewer back-ups. It contains many bacteria and other harmful pathogens. Even though there are degrees of severity of water damage, if water has pooled and left overtime, they all can become harmful. Even the clean water. So it is important to get the water damage taken care of right away to prevent this.

Speed isn’t the key alone

While getting water damage taken care of quickly is important, quality care is just as important. Many people may think that they can save a dollar or two and be fast by cleaning up the water damage themselves. While that may be true at the time, if water damage isn’t cleaned up properly, there could be many more problems down the road, costing even more money and time. Luckily there are water damage restoration teams that have the proper education and equipment to get the job done. As well, most of them are available 24/7 so can help right when there is a problem, getting the job done fast. If you are in Milwaukee, ICC is a company that can be there for you!