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Water Damage Clean Up: DIY Vs. Professional

Water damage, no matter the extent, can be troubling. It can cause great damage to your home, create the perfect growing ground for mold to follow, and cost money to clean up and repair. All these things can be worrisome but there really isn’t a need to worry. Water damage can be cleaned up and your home restored to its original glory. The process is much easier if you act fast and the clean up is done correctly. 

Many people may think that they can easily clean up the water damage themselves. Others may have the perspective that they would never put themselves through that sort of trouble, instead a professional should do it. What philosophy is better? And why? 

Water Damage Cleanup In St. Paul

DIY (Do It Yourself)

A “do it yourself” perspective is sometimes a great thing. It shows independence and you learn new skills in the process. You may even save some money. However, when it comes to water damage cleanup, “do it yourself” may not be the best road of action. There’s much that could go wrong when cleaning up water damage yourself. It’s easier to understand once you know what a professional water damage clean up crew can do for you.

Professional Water Damage Clean Up Team


The first and probably one of the greatest things a professional can offer is their expertise. Professional water damage clean up teams literally clean up water damage for a living. They have the proper education and experience to get the job done correctly. As well, they have the high quality equipment to clean up the water damage, ensuring that there is not moisture left behind that could cause problems in the future. 

24/7 emergency service and time sensitive: Water damage is very time sensitive. The longer water damage is left to sit without being treated, the greater the damage will be. Professional clean up teams understand this importance. They are very time sensitive and can do their best to get the water damage cleaned up in a hurry while also making sure it is done right. Most offer a 24/7 emergency service. In an emergency, anytime of day, you can call and get the help you need to get your water damage cleaned up. In St. Paul, ICC is a company that offers just though and can help you out when you are in need of water damage clean up.

Less stress for you: In the end, a professional water damage clean up team will take care of the problem. This means it will be far less stressful for you. You can be rest assured it is being taken care of as it should be. 

While DIY may sound enticing at times, it has its downfalls. You don’t have the expertise or the equipment to properly clean up water damage readily available. This will make it very hard to clean up water damage correctly and ensure that it is entirely removed. In this case, it may cause further problems down the road. In addition, you don’t have the time necessary to immediately drop everything and go to clean up your water damage. The DIY way can be very stressful.

Fortunately, a professional water damage company is never too far away and they have the answers to each of these concerns.