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Top Priorities If Your Commercial Building Floods

A flooded building requires immediate steps to remove the water and repair the damage. Without taking swift and decisive action after a flood, you open yourself up to a whole host of potential problems and further expenses. To help you avoid such complications, here are five of the top priorities according to our commercial water damage restoration experts at ICC Restoration in St. Paul, that you should have if your commercial building floods.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration In St. Paul

Practice Caution

First and foremost, your most important consideration after a flood is to stay safe. Water damage can create a very dangerous environment so the need for caution should not be taken lightly. If at all possible, you should avoid going into the building until the damage has been assessed by a professional water damage restoration contractor. 

Act Quick!

After putting safety first, speed is the most important element of the commercial water damage restoration process. Water damage is extremely time sensitive. The difference of a few hours, or even a few minutes, can mean whether some items can be saved or need to be discarded. Ultimately, the speed with which the water is removed can shift the overall restoration expenses by thousands of dollars. Whatever you do after a flood, just make sure that seeking help as soon as you possibly can is a top priority.

Notify Your Employees

One of the most difficult aspects of dealing with commercial water damage is figuring out how to deal with those employed in the building and how to keep business operations moving forward. Sadly, there’s no textbook answer on how to do this. It requires you using your best judgement and then hoping that things will turn out well. One thing you can do to inform your decision is work with your restoration contractor to get specific information on when they expect the building to be safe to enter again so you can give your employees a timeframe moving forward.

Call For Professional Help

There is no substitute for professional commercial water damage restoration help. As soon as you possibly can after a commercial water damage disaster, you should get in touch with a certified commercial water damage restoration company. The sooner you do this, the sooner they will be able to begin repairing the damage.

Be On The Lookout For Future Issues

Lastly, just because the damage from this one specific instance has been taken care of, that doesn’t mean you should continue business as usual. Use the disaster as a learning experience that can help you prevent future water damage problems. Listen to advice from your restoration contractor on specific actions you can take on how to do this.

Hopefully, you never have a need to respond to a flood in your commercial building. If you do, however, it’s important that you know what your priorities should be. Finally, remember that we at ICC Restoration in St. Paul, are here to help with all of your commercial water damage restoration needs and be by your side throughout the entire restoration process.