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Water Damage Restoration – Minneapolis Professional Steps

Water Damage Cleanup MinneapolisMaybe the washer hose worked itself loose. Maybe a water line in an external wall couldn’t handle the Minnesota cold. Or maybe you just got distracted and let the bathtub overflow. No matter the cause, you now have gallons of water sitting on your floors and soaking up your walls. There is a fine line between extremely focused work and pure panic. Hold it together for the next few hours and logically work through the issues.  

Stop the flow of water if possible. If you can’t stop it at the fixture, you can turn off all the water to the house and the street connection. Clean up what you can. The ICC professionals can help with the heavy lifting, but the minutes before they arrive are crucial.

Water Damage Restoration in Minneapolis

Get On The Phone

You need some extra hands and ideas immediately. In Minneapolis, the ICC water restoration experts are on call 24/7. They will dispatch a crew to help you today. In the meantime, remove standing water with sponges, mops and rags. Think about the foot traffic; create a working corridor for the team. Move what valuables out of the way. Grab your computer, your phone charger, your keys if they are laying in the area. Remove wet rugs from the area.  

Then also call your insurance company to inform them of your claim. Depending on the situation, they might send an adjuster over now or just ask for photos to start the process. Don’t delay– even if you discover more damage later, start the claim now. Many large companies have additional services, like a feature-filled app on your phone, to make the process easier.   


Mildew and mold usually follow water damage. Take steps now to lessen the chance of an infestation at your home. Open up the affected cabinets or closets. When ICC arrives, they will bring their own industrial equipment but for now, open the windows. During the summer, turn on the air conditioning. During the winter,  alternate between heat and open windows. You’ll need to run the fan as much as you can, don’t forget to change the HVAC filters often during the process.   

Take Pictures 

Get your phone out now! No matter how damaged and worthless your stuff is, the insurance company needs proof of what you owned and its value. Take a video with your phone of each room. When you can get to your computer, organize them with a systematic meaning convention. Complete an accurate inventory and use the same file names. 

Before you let anything get taken to the dumpster, fully document the damage. Don’t start repairs before you confirm damage with the insurance company–you could potentially decrease the extent of your coverage at the end of the restoration. 

Move Fast To Avoid More Damage

Time is your enemy. After the water has engulfed your home, it will start to soften the cells of wood and wallboard. Mold can develop within 24 to 48 hours; immediately deal with wet rugs, bedding, and clothes. In concentrated amounts, molds can present a serious health risk and should be professionally remediated.

If an item has been wet for less than 48 hours, it may be salvageable. However, quickly decide now if it is worth the time to save it. (Don’t spend eight hours saving a $100 bookshelf (unless it was made by your great grandfather.) The ICC team can quickly assess the situation then focus time and energy on the things that can be saved. Their years of experience will come in handy to make quick decisions. 

Freeze valuable documents

If you find wet papers, photos, or important documents, you might not have time to deal with them now. Try putting them in the freezer to slow down early mildew growth. Later, you can take time to dry and preserve them carefully. 

Water Damage Restoration Solutions in Minneapolis 

In Minneapolis, the water damage restoration experts at ICC will clean up, repair and restore your home.  Years of drying hardwood floors, plaster walls, tile and concrete adds up to lots of experience and expertise to offer you. Let us help you with your water damage problems. 

What Our Customers Are Saying

Melisa did such a great job and was so professional and nice. It really helped with the issues I was dealing with. Thanks Again!

- Janell, Waconia

Thank you for everything. You have been more than accommodating to me throughout this nightmare. I couldn’t be more pleased with the final outcome.

- Laura, Woodville, WI

I just can’t thank you enough for making our “water damage ordeal” go away so quickly. Your ability to organize subcontractors and the ICC crews is truly amazing, Mom and I are delighted to be back and settled into our little casa. Your genuine warmth and caring are truly gifts that you bring to your work. You are so appreciated!

- Jane, Stillwater

Thank you for sending Jake to my home. He was the most respectful young man I have ever met. He left my home very clean and he was very knowledgeable.

- Carolyn, White Bear Lake

The project manager did a great job communicating. He was so nice and did a great job checking in with us. Working with ICC was the best part of the flood. The crews really went out of their way to make sure we were well taken care of. The job could not have gone better.

- Nick & Abbie, Chanhassen

I don’t think your company performed work at Derek’s home as there was minimal damage, he called me today and thanked me profusely for referring ICC to him. He was very impressed with the rep that came to his house and the honesty and helpful advice he gave him about clean up and that it may not be in his best interest to file a claim. He is the type of customer that appreciates good service and will remember it and refer others. Thanks again for ICC’s help.

- Kimberley (Insurance Agent)

Thank you for such AMAZING service!

- Barbara (Insurance Agent), Rochester

ICC turned a really bad experience into a good one. We are very happy with all of the work that was done. They did a great job explaining the claims process.

- Linda, Oakdale

The crews were very professional and communicated well. They were great also about cleaning up after themselves. We would use ICC again. The crews were always on top of the process, which allowed the repairs to go smoothly.

- Church Representative, Edina

Erick did an excellent job explaining the process. We thought that everyone was very professional. They explained everything very well and followed through with everything. Communication could not have been better. I am very happy with my services.

- Gary, Osceola, WI

Our project manager was great to work with; he explained things well and answered all of our questions. Our coordinator also did a good job. Working with ICC was easy. Communication was wonderful and the crews were very professional. We would use ICC again in a heartbeat.

- Angie & Fran, Hudson, WI

The lead technician was great and explained things over the phone very well. I was very impressed. The crews were better than expected and very professional. ICC was extremely responsive; I was out of state and was so impressed with how they kept me informed.

- Jim & Cheryl, Victoria

I was very happy with all the crews at ICC. I had great experience and would not hesitate to work with ICC again should the need arise. Everyone there really knows what they are doing.

- Jerry, Cottage Grove

Dealing with the fire was a very upsetting time. ICC was able to get out to my home quickly and really helped reassure me that everything would be fine. ICC worked very well with my insurance company. I could not have been happier with the whole process. I know I asked a ton of questions and Mark was great about answering them all.

- Karen, St. Croix Falls, WI

The crews were always on time for their appointments. Our job went very well. I am so thankful for everyone at ICC and the excellent work they did.

- Michelle, Shoreview

Everyone I dealt with was just great. My project could not have gone better. Everyone at ICC is professional and is excellent at communicating. I would use ICC again and will be recommending them.

- Connie, Edina

The technicians did a fantastic job. Everyone really cared about me and my concerns. They were extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, and knew how to make me feel comfortable. ICC was amazing to work with.

- Kevin, Maple Grove

ICC was terrific to work with and I will be recommending them. I had an excellent experience.

- Patricia, Hudson, WI

The technicians were extremely detailed. I immediately felt like I was in great hands. They were also very calming, always on time and communicated well.

- Sally, Excelsior

The technicians were very good at explaining what was going to take place. They answered all of my questions in great detail. Everyone was very sympathetic to my situation and genuinely cared.

- Anita, St. Anthony

Our project manager payed great attention to detail and had excellent customer service. He was very compassionate and really cared about what we were going through. ICC was wonderful to work with. The crews were very professional and thorough.

- Brian & Jill, Woodbury

I was very pleased with the whole process. Everything went so much smoother than I expected. ICC really helped make it easy.

- Jackie, Woodbury

The crews were very professional and communicated very well. They responded very quickly to our phone calls and always made sure we knew what was going on.

- Robert, Maplewood

Thank you for the wonderful inspection findings and THANK YOU for your professionalism. So much appreciated.

- Carol, Burnsville

My project manager did a great job and was really nice to work with. My coordinator did a great job keeping me informed about the process as well. ICC was wonderful to work with; they were all very professional and treated my home well. The quality of the work done was impressive and I would definitely use them again.

- Paul, Maplewood

I was impressed by the short time it took for the clean up crew to make arrangements to meet me even though we were outside of the metro area.

- Karen, Osceola, WI

As the coordinator of facilities and grounds for the State’s fourth largest school district I am involved is a lot of activities and unfortunately some are emergencies in nature. This includes fire, floods, sewer backups and natural disasters. Thankfully this does not happen often but when it does I rely on a restoration company’s specialists who have the knowledge and equipment to quickly clean and restore the affected area of the building or grounds…

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- Mike Schwanke, Coordinator of Facilities and Grounds District 196

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