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What To Do If Your St. Paul Home Floods

emergency restoration service st paulThose who have experienced flooding in a home truly understand how traumatic that experience can be. Those who have not can only imagine, especially when it happens and there isn’t a plan. When emergencies happen, it’s important to know how to handle such a situation.

Emergency Restoration Service St Paul

These kinds of situations often come out of the blue, so it’s crucial to have a pre-planned strategy as to what needs to be done before it surprises you. Nothing is worse than this sort of thing happening without an idea of what to do.

Safety First 

Before doing anything, be sure to assess the situation and trust your gut. If you feel that this situation is out of your hands and far too dangerous, do not attempt anything and leave the property. 

Stop Water Flow If Possible

Unless the flood is caused by heavy rains or any other sort of natural cause, you will need to try and find the source of the flood. The best way to do this is to find the main water valve to the house and shut it off there. If you do need to wade through water to do so, wear protective gear to defend yourself from any contaminants. When planning ahead, locate this valve before the emergency occurs. 

Turn Off Electricity

First and foremost, do not attempt if you have to wade through water to reach the electrical box. Call emergency service professionals instead to ensure your safety. If it is possible without wading through water, turn off the electricity after you have stopped the water flow. 


If the flood has been caused by appliances or pipes, leave the property to find a dry place and ensure that everyone in the household has been accounted for and unhurt. You can go to any nearby place that has been unaffected by the flood and dry. If the flood has been caused by a natural disaster, take shelter somewhere, whether that be a neighbor’s house or a local shelter. 

Document Everything

Be sure to take lots of pictures and notes on all the damage in your home. This will become important when dealing with insurance and the cleanup process. Nothing is insignificant enough to not take note of, so be sure to go through everything to make sure that all your bases are covered

Cleanup Process

Whether your insurance covers water damage cleanup or not, it is imperative to begin the cleanup process immediately. Water damage happens quickly, within the first 24 hours, and mold will begin to grow. Emergency restoration professionals at ICC Restoration will be able to help you restore everything back to the way it was with precision. Cleaning on your own can be a long and arduous process and you may not be able to get everything cleaned up properly on your own. Either way, it’s important to get started on the process immediately to minimize any water damage done to your home. 

Floods are extremely stressful disasters to deal with, especially when unprepared. It can be extremely helpful to know the proper steps to take ahead of time. If you are affected by water damage suddenly, emergency restoration professionals are always available to help in your time of need. Contact professionals ICC Restoration to get the help you need. 


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