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How Flooding Can Impact A Business

commercial water damage restoration st paulUnfortunately, flooding does not impact just residential properties. Any business in a flooded area is also affected and going through the problems of water damage. Many businesses that are hit by a flood are forced to shut down for days, weeks, or months, depending on the level of damage. Often these effects are overlooked and forgotten. Floods can have dire impacts on businesses and although insurance can cover some of the costs, there are also costs that can’t be reclaimed.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration – St Paul

Trying to recover from a flood can be difficult, especially for smaller businesses. Here are four ways these businesses are affected by water damage.

Loss Of Revenue

With floods being so devastating and costly, a large majority of businesses will have to shut their doors in the aftermath of a flood. Opening its doors regardless of the damage can be a hazard to both employees and customers. Unfortunately, this means that with the doors closed, there is no income or revenue. Depending on how long the business has to be closed, reserve funds will run out quickly, as bills still need to be paid even while shut down. 

Even once the storefront can be safely opened, employees may not be able to come back to work due to impending roadblocks, flooded streets, or maybe even relocation. Additionally, floods can destroy any inventory and equipment in the store, leading to making large purchases before they are scheduled. These setbacks can put business owners in a financial situation that could take months or even years to recover from. 

Loss Of Assets

Floods will destroy everything in their path. Unfortunately, anything inside of a business will also be destroyed once the water makes its way in. Everything of value could be damaged beyond repair, such as inventory, company vehicles, fixtures and fittings, equipment, etc. Not all businesses have the funds to immediately replace these assets. Business owners will suffer financial losses as their businesses cannot run properly without the assets that were lost to the flood. 

Loss Of Data And Power

Obviously, water and electricity are a dangerous combination. Floods cause huge amounts of damage to electrical equipment, rendering them completely useless. Even if the water itself doesn’t affect the equipment, the unstable power supply during this disaster can. Though going out doesn’t cause problems, the power coming back can. If a surge happens, the sudden increase in voltage can damage or even destroy equipment. Computers and servers that have been damaged can cause businesses to lose their data as well.

Recovering after a devastating event such as a flood can be extremely disheartening. Figuring out the next move in that recovery can be challenging and overwhelming. However, cleaning up after that water damage does not have to be done. Commercial water damage restoration is available for business owners to take that burden off their shoulders. Professionals at ICC understand that water damage is a stressful trial. They will do everything to ensure that your business will safely be up and running as soon as possible.


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