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Basement Water Damage Prevention And Restoration

water damage restoration minneapolisAs an adult, one of the most significant purchases you will have is your home. Your first home in Minneapolis is a very important step. Many things appeal to you in a home; however, one of the most coveted things is the basement. They are perfect for guests who may come to stay or for children to escape. As a buyer, you want things to be perfect. However, there are times when things can be done too fast, and if not checked properly, water can seep into your newly created basement haven and cause some serious water damage and restoration costs. 

Water Damage Restoration In Minneapolis

When things like this happen, how do you fix it? What can you do to prevent water damage and potential restoration costs in your basement in the future? From the professionals at ICC, here are a few prevention tips that could help your basement from flooding in the future.


Basements are one of the most accessible places for water to seep into and cause damage. This is because this level of the house is below ground level, so the water does not need to travel far. If your basement is not sealed correctly, water will create damage. So make sure to pay attention to any bubbles or cracks you may see in your basement walls and ceilings. 


Gutters are used to prevent water from being near your home and, even more so, your basement. However, if they are not cleaned out regularly, they can actually cause more damage. It is also essential to check the spouts at the end of the gutters. Be sure to point them away from your home so they do not bring water toward your home. This can cause some serious grief when it comes to the restoration costs that will follow. 

These are just a few examples of things to watch for to keep ahead of the game. However, if you have already experienced water damage in your basement, contacting your local water damage restoration crew is important. Professionals understand the necessary steps that are needed in order to clean up any water damage effectively. 

Here is a short list of things that you will want in a crew when finding a water damage restoration company: 

  1. Time efficient
  2. Respect for you and your home
  3. Ability to work with your insurance
  4. Certifications and professional qualifications

Although this list is short and does not cover everything, it is essential to find water damage restoration professionals who are able to do it all! You do not need to worry about the hassle of calling multiple people. You definitely want someone certified to help restore any water damages you may have experienced and also give you the peace of mind that the job was done well! As you continue to work on your new home, use these preventative tips to help keep water and the damages that can occur out. And if you experience any water damage, contact the water damage restoration professionals at ICC immediately!


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