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Leaking Faucets Can Pose Serious Health Risks

water damage restoration minneapolisA leaky faucet may seem more like a minor inconvenience than anything else. You may even put it on the back burner to deal with at a later time. However, that line of thinking can actually be dangerous. Not only does a leaky faucet hike up your water bill and waste gallons of water, but it can pose several threats to you and your household. 

Water Damage Restoration – Minneapolis

Your plumbing system is much larger and more complex than you may initially realize, as most of it is hidden behind the walls and beneath the flooring. Because of its complexity and size, even the slightest mishap, such as a leaky faucet, can affect your entire system. If you’ve found that you have a leaky faucet, the best thing you can do is take immediate action. A steady drip can easily cause severe damage to your home, property, and your wallet. You should actively monitor and repair leaky faucets to prevent this plumbing problem from worsening. Otherwise, you could face some of the following consequences. 

Rotting Wood

Water tends to seep into anything in its path, mainly if those objects are porous. Our homes contain a lot of wooden materials, even surrounding the sink. If a corroded faucet begins to leak in the sink, it can run along cabinets and floors. With wood being so absorbent, water will impact it severely. Water can cause the wood to rot, weaken, fall apart, and allow the formation of mold to grow. Unfortunately, water damage on wood happens quickly and must be taken care of swiftly to avoid this. 

Mold Growth

Mold has one of the most alarming consequences of water damage there is. It can affect both a person’s health and their property. Mold begins its growth within the first 24 hours of the flood and will spread through the moisture in the air. It will eat any surface and weaken it as it grows. The mold that is left alone to grow and infest a home will compromise anything in its path. If the mold is not immediately taken care of, rampant mold growth could take over a house and, in extreme cases, cause the structure to be condemned.

In addition to damaging surfaces, it will damage a person’s health and weaken their immune system. Health problems such as allergic reactions, asthma attacks, eye or skin irritation, irritated throats/nose, and lung problems are some of the most common health effects that can occur. Moreover, repeated and elongated mold exposure can increase one’s sensitivity, causing more severe allergic reactions. Exposure to certain molds that produce toxins called mycotoxins can also cause more severe illnesses. 

Pest Infestations

Rodents and cockroaches thrive best in moist areas. Flooded kitchens caused by leaky faucets can contribute to a growing population of these pests, making them difficult to get rid of. The presence of pests can endanger the health of everyone in the house, such as experiencing allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Some pest bites can also be extremely dangerous or even fatal. When pests invade, they crawl on all surfaces, including food. This may result in food contamination and food poisoning among family members.

Water leaks will always cause significant damage to your home, no matter the source. Leaky faucets are often ignored because of how minimal the consequences seem. On top of all the health risks that you could risk, a leaky faucet could ultimately lead to a burst, making water damage restoration necessary to clean up the aftermath of the flood. It’s better to take action now to prevent water damage from occurring in your home. 

If your home is suffering from water damage, contact professionals at ICC. They are licensed water damage restoration professionals who will work tirelessly to bring your home to how you remember it.


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