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Why You Should Not DIY When Fixing Water Damage

water damage restoration minneapolisDIY projects have become very popular in our society. It can be a fun way to make your home uniquely yours precisely how you want it. You may be tempted to try to fix any water damage you find by yourself, but you want to think twice when it comes to DIYing water damage restoration. 

Cutting Corners Will Only Lead To More Damage

Unless you are an experienced, licensed technician trained to fix water damage, you will likely skip several steps when it comes to do-it-yourself repairs. People do this because they are trying to save money or think a mediocre fix is good enough. But when it comes to water damage, it almost always extends beyond what you can see on the surface level. By not making sure water damage is completely removed and repaired, later on, you may find yourself dealing with mold growth, a cracked foundation, ruined drywall, or other structural problems in your home. These are far more costly repairs that will take much more time and effort later.

Protecting Your Home Requires The Best Equipment

When you are dealing with extensive water damage, no amount of towels and electric fans will get the job done thoroughly. Professionals use equipment capable of removing all the water from a damaged area, even where you cannot see or feel it. The best way to protect your home is to allow experienced technicians with the best equipment to restore your home.

Water Damage Might Be More Dangerous Than You Think

Depending on where the water damage has occurred in your home and the water source, it could be dangerous to try and tackle and remove it yourself. Water in your walls that is mixed with your home’s electric wiring can carry an electric charge, putting you at risk of electric shock or even death if you come in contact with it. Standing water can also carry a dangerous electric current to touch or walk through. This water can also cause wires to spark, which could ignite a fire. You do not want to deal with this yourself. Calling in professionals will help protect you, your home, and your family from danger.

The Water Might Be Toxic

Different types of water cause water damage. The water is clean if a bathtub overflows or rainwater leaks through your roof. However, water mixed with sewage can carry disgusting bacteria that are dangerous to touch or ingest in any way. Water that comes from a faulty appliance is likely filled with chemicals that are also dangerous to deal with yourself. These things can make you very sick. A professional water damage restoration company will be able to test the water and determine how toxic it is. 

Water Damage Restoration—Minneapolis, Minnesota

Do not try to DIY to fix water damage in your home. Call the professionals at ICC Restoration and Cleaning Services to fix the damage for you. Letting them do it for you will protect you from danger and give you peace of mind that it is done right.


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