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Improve Client Retention and Increase Referral Business with the ICC Agency Support Program

In today’s dramatically changing and highly competitive insurance market, forward thinking agents are beginning to realize that the time to add value is when policyholders need you the most: when they have a claim! If you’re giving your valuable clients an 800 number and a “good luck” when they experience a loss, you’re missing out on the most important opportunity to deliver the kind of value added, personal service that can be the key to building an outstanding book of business.

Working with ICC and taking full advantage of our Agent Support Program can help you:

  • Increase policyholder retention.
  • Create customer cheerleaders who generate word-of-mouth referrals for new business.
  • Gain a competitive edge against ever-increasing competition.
  • Avoid looking like the “bad guy” when losses are not covered.
  • Help control loss ratios and increase incentives.

How to Gain a Clear Selling Advantage

Growing Internet insurance sales by the likes of Geico and Progressive clearly indicates that consumers value “real, live” agents less and less when it comes to buying coverage. Not to mention, it’s becoming easier by the day to “break up” with an agent in favor of an Internet retailer without the agent even having a say in the matter!

Through the eyes of the policyholder, the majority of “Main Street” agents all appear the same. Prospective clients are provided with little reason to choose one agent over another, besides price.

With the ability to offer prospective clients your personal involvement during a claim, you’re offering a value proposition that can’t be met by Internet and other “Main Street” agencies. This is a selling advantage that gives them a powerful reason to choose you!

Claim Involvement Is Easy

With ICC’s Agency Support Program, you can easily be a part of a claims process that offers your policyholders unmatched levels of service, the kind of service they expect, but rarely get.

Claims Transparency is Standard

ICC works under a transparent business model by providing comprehensive on-line documentation in near-real time. By operating transparently it’s easy to understand what happened on the loss and exactly what steps are being taken to restore the property to pre-loss condition.

An Extension of Your Marketing Team

ICC’s Agency Support Program is designed to help you keep the clients you have, stimulate high quality and easily closeable referrals, increase volume and lower loss ratios and eliminate having to be the bad guy on coverage denials. We’ll provide you with a powerful differentiation giving both current and prospective clients important and tangible reasons to make you their agent!

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