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How Agents Can Change Their Strategy, Make Marketing Campaigns a Success

The insurance industry is a highly competitive market, and as such, agents must make marketing their top priority in order to grow their business and beat out competition. Not only are agents competing against one another, they are also battling big agencies for business opportunities. For that reason, it is critical that insurance agents develop, […]

What Does Volleying a Ball Have to Do With Teamwork?

At our ICC monthly meeting recently, we challenged our employees with a fun team building exercise–to volley the ball back and forth while walking to the target and then sinking it into the basket. ICC Team Work Team Building 2 ICC Team Work Team Building While the volley exercise was a fun way to exemplify […]

How Facility Managers Can Demonstrate Value While Creating a More Efficient Property

A new year often leads people to strive for improvement. In the commercial sector, this is true of facility managers (FM) department who are looking for new and innovative ways to contribute to their company’s bottoms line, not just as a source of using resources. As such, it is important for those FMs to demonstrate […]

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