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How To Handle Commercial Water Damage

Any water damage anywhere is not fun to deal with. It’s especially not fun to deal with when it’s your business. Commercial water damage means damage to your business in St. Paul and you are probably losing money whether you work at a hotel, restaurant, grocery store, etc. because of this damage.  Any amount of […]

When Emergency Restoration Services Are Needed

When your home has suffered from a fire, flood, or other disaster, you need help covering your immediate needs: safety, preservation of property, and preventing future damage. While you are able to clean up a simple spilled cup of coffee, the scope and scale of major disasters will require professional support.  ICC Restoration is a […]

How To Spot Commercial Water Damage In The Beginning Stages

building rarely becomes serious in a very short time. It is more common for this to become serious as it gradually builds up over weeks and months. To prevent this, you must become an expert in spotting the early warning signs of water damage. Developing this skill may not only help you avoid unnecessary damage […]

Signs Of Commercial Water Damage

Your commercial building in St. Paul is one of the biggest assets to your business. When that building sustains water damage, it not only means costs for repairs, but also loss of income while repairs are being made and the damage is cleaned up. Since commercial water damage can end up costing business owners a […]

Winter Water Damage In St. Paul

Winter is knocking on the door. Time to get ready for a typical St. Paul winter of 32 inches of rain and 52 inches of snow (or more.) While outside may be a beautiful winter wonderland, the inside of your home or business can become a major disaster if rain or snow gets in enough […]

Sump Pump – Another Layer Of Protection

A mop and bucket are of limited help when you’re looking at flooding or other serious water damage. When you have a high risk of water damage in St. Paul, we at ICC want you to know the options.  A properly installed sump pump can do in a matter of minutes what it might take […]

Going With The “Flow”- How To Handle Sewer Damage 

Let’s be honest – there aren’t very many ways to talk about toilets and bathrooms without turning up your nose. It is even less fun when talk of these things gets even worse with a sewage backup. The problem is – not only is sewer and black water unpleasant, it is also the most serious […]

Stay Safe After Sewage Damage

Quick response time and a high level of expertise are required to fully remediate sewage damage because of the high toxicity levels associated with sewage problems. There are a lot of serious health risks and issues that come from sewage damage, along with damage to your home. It is important to know the risks associated […]

Saving Your Home From A Black Water Disaster

When you moved into your St. Paul home you imagined all the fun and excitement that could happen there: playing with the dog in the grass, Thanksgiving dinner with family, taking prom photos on the stairs. The last think you envisioned was gallons of dirty, disgusting, foul liquid pouring into your sanctuary. Backed up sewers […]

Brush Up On Home Fire Detector Safety

Installing smoke detectors makes you feel safe from a possible fire. But don’t rely on the original units that came with your house. Fire research has demonstrated that with today’s modern furnishings, fires can spread much more rapidly than in the past when more natural materials were used. Because of this, having a sufficient number […]