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Causes of Commercial Water Damage in St. Paul

Water damage in the workplace will not only halt your business, but it will also put the health of your employees at risk. Although most cases of water damage are experienced by homeowners, commercial premises are not immune, and it’s the last thing you want to deal with when running a business. To know how […]

Commercial Water Damage Restoration And St. Paul Building Materials

St. Paul is a bustling, energetic city with historic and beautiful structures.  From the Minnesota State Capitol to the Historic Fort Snelling.  While these edifices may seem beautiful and nearly impenetrable, every structure has a potential weak spot, including water damage.  If a building is erected using any of the following materials, it has the […]

How To Handle Commercial Water Damage

Any water damage anywhere is not fun to deal with. It’s especially not fun to deal with when it’s your business. Commercial water damage means damage to your business in St. Paul and you are probably losing money whether you work at a hotel, restaurant, grocery store, etc. because of this damage.  Any amount of […]

How To Spot Commercial Water Damage In The Beginning Stages

building rarely becomes serious in a very short time. It is more common for this to become serious as it gradually builds up over weeks and months. To prevent this, you must become an expert in spotting the early warning signs of water damage. Developing this skill may not only help you avoid unnecessary damage […]

Signs Of Commercial Water Damage

Your commercial building in St. Paul is one of the biggest assets to your business. When that building sustains water damage, it not only means costs for repairs, but also loss of income while repairs are being made and the damage is cleaned up. Since commercial water damage can end up costing business owners a […]

Five Of The Most Common Places For Water Damage In A Home

Water damage is a very common problem for homeowners. In fact, the odds are that if you haven’t experienced any form of water damage yet, you will at some point in your life. One way to mitigate this hazard in your home is to understand the likely sources of water damage so you can take […]

Five Steps For Preventing Water Damage In A Commercial Building

Having water damage in your home is bad enough, however, water damage in your commercial building can be even worse in some cases. There are several reasons why commercial water damage can be more of a nightmare than residential water damage. For one, serious water damage can keep employees out of your office or important […]

The First 24 Hours After A Flood

The first day after a flood can be a total disaster and stress nightmare for you. On the other hand, if you are prepared and know what to do, the flooding may be a great inconvenience, but a manageable one. One of the most important things you can do within that first 24-hour window after […]