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What All goes into Contents Cleaning and Restoration?

When most people think of cleaning and restoration services they think of the big picture actions that go into it. For example, removing the excess water from a flood or restoring the structural damage caused by a fire. However, the most devastating consequences of a home disaster are oftentimes the destruction to personal possessions of […]

What Not to Do in Case of Commercial Water Damage and Flooding

If you experience flooding on your commercial property, it may be overwhelming to know what to do to first. From needing to get the water removed, surfaces cleaned and the property restored, the disaster can make it seem as if everything is lost. Try not to stress. While there may be a lot that needs to […]

Storm Damage: Getting Back to Normal

Whether your commercial property was struck by a fire, flood, of even a fallen tree branch, storm damage to your property is always devastating in the Rochester area. Your home or commercial building is more than just a place with roof and walls. It’s a place where you make a living and have invested a […]

What is a Restoration Company?

This is a question we get a lot! Believe it or not, there are hundreds if not thousands of restoration companies around the country – but people don’t generally know we exist until they need us! At ICC Restoration & Cleaning, we would prefer to get to know you before something bad happens at your […]