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ICC’s Mitigation-Focused, Transparent Restoration Gets You Back on the Job Faster

ICC works with many other contractors, both those that perform restoration work of their own and those that do not. Contractors call upon us when they:

  • Need a quick solution when damage occurs on the job to avoid delays.
  • Want to work with a mitigation specialist that keeps the cost of restoration down.
  • Need to prevent the chances of secondary damage occurring.
  • Don’t have the capabilities and/or proper insurance for mold and sewage work.
  • Don’t have the right equipment or trained workforce to handle larger jobs themselves.
  • Need to stay informed on the progress of restoration.
  • Need a restoration partner that will not take their portion of the work from them.

Mitigation Focused, Full Service

ICC is focused on restoring damage with as little reconstruction as possible, so property is returned to normal faster. But if reconstruction or other services are required, we can work with your people or handle it for you.

The Faster Restorer

ICC gets you back to work faster! We use a variety of special equipment and procedures designed to restore damaged properties in one-third to one-half the time, keeping restoration costs down and preventing secondary damage such as mold. We’re able to save items that others discard without even trying to restore them, reducing cost and completion time even more.

The Transparent Restorer

ICC operates in a completely transparent manner, providing comprehensive documentation and on-going communication in near-real time. You’ll know that we performed only the work that was necessary, demonstrating that the job was done at the lowest cost possible.

Reduce Secondary Liability

Not only will you be able to see exactly how the structure was returned to pre-loss condition, you’ll have a permanent record that the property was restored to the proper Standard of Care, virtually eliminating any secondary liability issues.

Residential, Commercial, Industrial

ICC has the specialized equipment, systems and procedures to respond to residential, commercial and industrial property losses regardless of the type and size of building affected.