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A: ICC specializes in restoring damage to a property caused as the result of an event. While an insurance policy may cover the restoration of damages, they often do not cover the repair of the source of the damage (i.e. a broken pipe or removal of an ice dam). Depending on the type of loss, it is recommended that the source of the damage is repaired prior to any restoration. Our technicians and professionals are adept at helping to determine the source and can help coordinate repairs needed. We are also able to recommend and refer various types of specialists through our trusted professional relationships.

A: All equipment used by ICC is put in place to minimize the damage caused by the loss and must remain running as much as possible. This is to minimize further damage, as well as the length of time it takes for restoration to be completed.

A: ICC creates a very detailed inventory of all items taken to our facility for cleaning and storage. We provide this detailed inventory to our clients for their convenience.

A: The tracking system we have in place for contents items stored in our facility allows for easy location and retrieval when needed. If you need a belonging for any reason, our team will happily retrieve the item and coordinate a pick up or drop off.

A: Typically we return contents/belongings to our clients after the structure work is finished. However, our clients can request their items to be returned whenever ready for them.

A: All staff members at ICC are thoroughly background checked. Our team is proud to treat your home and belongings with the utmost respect and care.

A: The deposit we require at the start of an insurance related project can help offset the often substantial cost of mounting a needed response to a loss. On a project performed under an insurance claim we do not collect a deposit greater than the deductible amount, which is the amount that the customer would be responsible for out-of-pocket to return the property to pre-loss condition.

A: ICC does not require anyone to be on site for work to be performed. Our clients often have busy schedules and we are happy to work with them on scheduling and property access to ensure convenient and timely service. We set up a lockbox with a code that only our staff members know. Our fantastic coordinators will stay in communication with you to let you know the arrival time of staff members.

A: Our team cannot determine whether a loss will be covered as each insurance policy can be unique. We do assist our clients in locating the source and assembling documentation regarding the loss to help with the insurance process. Coverage quotes have to come from an insurance agent or adjuster.

A: If you have a mortgage on your home, most mortgage companies require your insurance company to list them as an additional payee on the insurance check. The reason for this is that the mortgage company has a vested interest in your property and they want to be sure that it gets repaired. If the check is under a certain dollar amount (each mortgage company has different rules, but under $10,000 is typical) then a local branch can just endorse the check and give it back to you to pay ICC. If the check is larger, the mortgage company will require that the funds be placed in an escrow account with them and they will release funds as the project is completed. Typically, this may be 1/3 in the beginning as a down payment, 1/3 when the repairs are about 50% complete and the balance when everything is complete. Most mortgage companies will also send an inspector to review the work before they release any funds. When the funds are placed in escrow, the mortgage company will require a significant amount of paperwork before they will release the funds. Since this can be kind of overwhelming, as part of ICC’s service, we can take care of all this for you. When you get your insurance check that also has your mortgage company on it, first contact your mortgage company and let them know. They will send you a packet of forms and information. Please forward that packet to ICC, and we will get it all processed for you.

A: Please endorse the check and then give it to ICC Restoration & Cleaning Services. We will deposit the check and apply it to your bill. If the amount of the check is larger than your balance due, we will either apply it to any other job you may have open with us or send you a refund.

A: Rather than adding steps and writing a new check, our clients can endorse the insurance check “Pay to the order of ICC Restoration & Cleaning Services”, sign it and mail it to us. We will then apply it toward the balance due.