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Property Managers

The ICC Emergency Services Program Helps Minimize Damage and Gets Your Property Back to Normal Faster When Disaster Strikes

When a loss occurs on a commercial property, the steps taken immediately following the discovery are absolutely crucial in determining how severe the outcome will be. If you don’t have a strategy in place to respond and minimize the damage, you’re leaving the situation to chance and setting yourself up for a much lengthier, more difficult and costlier experience.

It is with this in mind that ICC offers an Emergency Services Program to commercial property and facility managers. ICC’s Emergency Services Program is designed so you have a plan in place before a loss is caused or discovered. Having an ICC Emergency Services Program plan in place:

  • Gives you a “go to” contractor you can count on when emergencies strike.
  • Minimizes the severity of the loss.
  • Returns your facility back to normal faster.
  • Lowers the cost of restoration.
  • Minimizes occupant problems so you don’t lose tenants.
  • Helps reduce secondary damage and liability issues.

ICC will also be there for you after the restoration process is complete, including a debriefing to review the loss as well as to look at how to prevent or minimize losses in the future.

Mitigation Focused, Full Service

ICC is focused on restoring damage with as little reconstruction as possible, so property is returned to normal faster. But if reconstruction or other services are required, we can be your single source of contact to take the project from start to finish!

Full Service

ICC offers the widest range of restoration and reconstruction services in the Twin Cities area and Western Wisconsin, from emergency board-up to mitigation to full reconstruction services. This includes water and sewer damage, fire damage, storm restoration, mold and microbial remediation, biohazard clean up, a full in-house contents restoration system and other services.

The Faster Restorer

We use a variety of special equipment and procedures designed to restore damaged properties in one-third to one-half the time, keeping restoration costs down and preventing secondary damage such as mold. We’re able to save items that others discard without even trying to restore, reducing completion time even more.

The Transparent Restorer

ICC operates in a completely transparent manner, providing comprehensive documentation and on-going communication in near-real time. Not only does this demonstrate what happened and what steps are being taken to restore the loss, it provides a permanent record that the property was restored to the proper Standard of Care.

Residential, Commercial, Industrial

ICC has the specialized equipment, systems and procedures to respond to residential, commercial and industrial property losses, regardless of the type and size of building affected.