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What to Do When You Need Sewage/Black Water Remediation

Sewer or black water floods are the most serious type of water damage. This water typically comes from toilet, sewer and septic system back-ups or overflows and from river and lake floods. Teeming with thousands of disease causing viruses, bacteria and protozoa, black water can cause very serious illnesses if not treated properly.

Because of the high toxicity levels associated with sewage problems, quick response time and a high level of expertise is required to fully remediate black water damage.

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– and we’ll be on our way fast. Until we arrive, here a few helpful steps you can take to minimize dangerous exposure and speed the remediation process.

  • If circuit breakers can be safely accessed, turn off power in all affected areas.
  • If the cause is outside, turn off all water connections at their entry point.
  • Until the source of the problem is identified and corrected, don’t run water or use toilets, even those that may seem unaffected.
  • Use stoppers or plugs to close all drain openings. You may need to put extra weight on the stopper to keep the drain sealed.
  • Plug toilets with wadded rags.
  • Stay away from affected areas to reduce the possibility of spreading contamination.
  • If you must walk through or touch any of the contaminated area, wear rubber boots and gloves.
  • Turn off central heating and air conditioning to prevent spreading contaminants that may aerosol when fans are on.
  • Don’t move anything out of contaminated areas.
  • Place contaminated clothing in a plastic bag or sealed container to prevent spreading contaminants.
  • Don’t try to clean anything until the site has been inspected and evaluated. This includes walls, carpet and flooring and furniture as well as any appliances and electronics.
  • If you have come into contact with contaminated water, wash affected areas immediately.

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