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What to Do When You Need Storm Damage Restoration

ICC is the fastest restorer in the Twin Cities and Western Wisconsin area, and we have restored countless storm losses. From emergency board-up to structural drying to reconstruction, we know what needs to be done and will get it done fast!

It’s important to act fast because any delay in responding not only can cause additional damage to occur, but many insurance policies require that you do everything you can to protect the property from additional damage.

ICC will bill your insurance company directly and all necessary work will be performed with as little inconvenience and intrusion as possible. So call our 24-hour emergency line –

– and we’ll be on our way fast.

Until we arrive, here are some things you can do to minimize additional damage and speed the process of getting you back to normal.

  • If circuit breakers can be safely accessed, turn off power in all affected areas.
  • Turn off the natural gas supply to your home.
  • If water is leaking from plumbing fixtures, turn off the water at the shut off valve, if it can be reached without causing yourself or others harm.
  • Do not enter any room where there is an electric shock hazard possible from exposed outlets, switches, circuit breakers or equipment.
  • Do not use any electrical appliance, including ceiling fixtures, while standing on wet carpet, concrete or flooring of any type.
  • Do not touch any exposed cables or wiring inside or outside your home.

Do you have an emergency right now?

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