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Your First Steps After a Flood

When water enters your home, the potential for additional damage increases with every hour. As soon as you can get to the phone, call a water restoration team to make the most of the first few hours to minimize loss. What to do until help arrives While you wait for the professionals, here are some […]

What You Need To Know About Water Damage

When dealing with traumatic water disaster, you will need to let the professionals at ICC Restoration in Woodbury help clean-up the mess. They will assess the situation and decide what needs to be removed from the area, then they will continue with getting your home back to normal. Why Do You Need Certified Professionals Homeowners […]

3 Characteristics of Water Damage Cleanup Experts

Water Damage is a BIG deal for home and business owners. Not only does water cause a lot of a destruction to floors, walls, and ceilings, but extensive water damage can bring several other problems with it, including mold growth, structure damage, and electrical damage. When you are dealing with water damage cleanup in Woodbury […]